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The MBPT book: Freedom in Pain. Peter Tamme and Iris Tamme, 244 pages, Paperback, BoD, $ 21.50. (Click on the picture of the book if you want to order through

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(The original German edition was published in August 2010 under the title of Frei sein im Schmerz. Peter Tamme and Iris Tamme, 252 pages, BoD, € 29.90.)


About the Book


Freedom in Pain introduces a new type of psychotherapeutic method for self-help with pain and for the treatment of chronic pain patients: mindfulness-based pain therapy MBPT. It is based on the 2,500-year-old ancient techniques of the Buddhis­t mindfulness practice that have found their way into modern Western psychotherapy and medicine during the past few decades. The innovative feature of MBPT is that it opens a new perspective on the suffering of chronic pain patients (rectangle of suffering and pain-intensifying factors) and its cause (mental autonomy center). The path of treatment in seven individual steps (mindfulness cascade) offers an unprecedented system in the separate aspects of the complex mindfulness concept.



About the Author


Dr. Peter Tamme, M.D., also holds a Master of Science in Biology. Born in 1952, he was initially a microbiologist before becoming a physician upon completing his training as an anesthesiologist at the University of Tübingen, Germany. This is where he began his specialization in pain therapy, which he expanded at major pain clinics in the USA and Netherlands. Dr. Peter Tamme subsequently completed additional training and has been active in the fields of psychotherapy and palliative ­medicine. Since 1988, he has worked at his own practice in Lüneburg as a pain therapist, psychotherapist, and specialist for palliative care. 

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